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We helped SmartCare give their customers peace of mind by offering their extended warranty solutions online.


Providing Peace of Mind. Three years after launch, SmartCare is thriving. Тhey have served more than 450,000 customers and have dealt with over 14,500 damages. Additionally, by employing the lean startup methodology, SmartCare quickly and successfully updated their product based on customer feedback. Things like updating available coverage  and the ability to choose a lump sum or a payment payout were incorporated into SmartCare’s business model solely based on customer feedback.

148% ROI


Preparing For The Unexpected. The uncertainty of accidental damage is a fear that haunts many. SmartCare sought to provide peace of mind to its customers facing those unpredictable circumstances. Their idea was to create an insurance platform that extends the warranty of electronic devices up to 5 years!


Warranty Reimagined. Our team worked with SmartCare to determine how best to bring this new warranty platform to life. Since the service was starting entirely from scratch, many components were needed before SmartCare could launch. We built a Stripe-integrated, responsive website that could easily take secure payments from customers. The website also has a built-in rules engine, the ability to create customised warranty documents in real time, and an admin portal that SmartCare’s customer service teams use to evaluate the damages of electronic devices.

From The Client

“DEMDEXUS took a lean startup approach which allowed us to go from idea to implementation in just five and a half months. Those who know the insurance industry know that things usually move much slower than that and are very impressed that we got it done so quickly.”